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No doublepost/spamming
This is a generic rule, as it can get annoying for people to be posting un-needed information just to increase their post count (although in spam section obviously anything can be posted).
No offensive language
No one likes being insulted by another, and this clan is no different. We aim to treat everyone with respect and I hope that you will also obide by this rule.
If you join the forum you are expected to not be a stranger - talk to the guys in the community here and become part of it. If you join just to see what's going on and pass it onto others then your account will be removed.
No advertising
If you are from another clan then you are more than welcome to pass on your greetings to us, but please don't advertise your clan to recruit people here.


No recruiting
As a matter of respect we ask that you don't come to our server to try and gather members for your clan.
No insulting
This is for the same reasons as for on the forum; insults bring a bad atmosphere and it's not what we're aiming for.. everyone should be given respect despite their background.
No laming
Laming is when you attack a player who has their saber down or chat up. JA+ is a mod where the community often talks to eachother, it's not like base where you only play to get frags. Please respect the other players and stick to the rules.
Please speak english in public chat
Most of the players on this server are from Europe, and thus know how to speak english. Therefore to make it suitable for everyone we ask that you speak english in public chat, though in private you can speak in any language.

Clan members

No Multiclanning
This is a generic rule, as being in other clans will mean you have no respect or loyalty to us. If you are in a base team/clan then we don't have a problem with it, so long as it doesn't majorly effect your activity with us.
Wear tags at all times
This is a rule we ask for from you, as without it your loyalty for us is not present.
Let us know of any absense/inactivity
We would like to know when you won't be active, just so we aren't kept in the dark when events occur.

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